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What is so cool about a weather app? There are loads of those out there and they all do the same thing…show you how hot or cold it is, what the weather in Timbuktu, Paris or London might be right now and whether rain is expected to ruin your picnic plans on the morrow!

When our developers take hold of an idea they play with it, turn it over in their heads again and again till they can make an app that is exciting, useful and innovative…that is why we are proud to introduce Weather Alert, or our take on what a weather app should be!

Weather Alert shows you weather information for the cities you select like any other weather app but in addition, it allows you to set-alerts, all of which you specify, and the app shows you notifications visually on the screen whenever the criteria is met. For example, if you want to be notified when the temperature goes above 30 degrees centigrade in your city or below 5 degrees centigrade, you will set an alert in the app and the app will notify you every time your alert criteria is met!

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