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iTinySoft Visual Photo++—Powerful Photo Enhancement Software for DC

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Visual Photo++ is a powerful utility that uniquely supports to browse photos with popup thumbnails and enhance the photos with lots of advanced auto image processing algorithms. Visual Photo++ is not only a comprehensive application ideal for acquiring, organizing, viewing, and sharing your images, but also a powerful photo enhancing software for automatically adjusting image’s exposure, color, despecking image’s noise and so on.


Unique Features of Visual Photo++ 1.0:

* Browse pictures with popup thumbnails
* Advanced Adaptive image Enhancement algorithm with Color Restoration(Advanced AECR)
* Advanced Adaptive image Enhancement algorithm (Advanced AE)
* Homomorphic filter to remove image’s shadow
* Three automatic white balance algorithm
* Adjusting image’s color and exposure according to other picture’s color and brightness statistical features
* Two powerful algorithms to despeck or smooth your photos

Support File Formats

* Import – bmp,gif jpg jpeg png ico, tif, tiff, tga, pcx,wbmp, wmf, emf, j2k, jp2,jbg, j2c, jpc, pgx, pnm, pgm, ppm, .ras
* Export – bmp,gif jpg jpeg png ico, tif, tiff, tga, pcx


Acquire Photos

* Auto opening USB disk to browse photos
* Supporting TWAIN interface to get pictures through image scan, USB camera, etc.
* Capturing images to your image favorite box while using Microsoft Internet Explorer


Browse Photos

* No thumbnail caching but quick thumbnail browsing
* Popup thumbnail and popup EXIF information
* Four image view modes: Thumbnails, Detail list, Filmstrip, Edit
* Mouse wheel changing picture and zooming


Enhance Photos

* Keep Exif information while processing
* Image transformation including cropping, rotating, resizing and flipping
* Adjust image exposure with lots of auto image processing algorithm, such as: Histogram Normalization, Auto Color Contrast, Auto Advanced AECR, Auto Advanced AE, Homomorphic filter etc.
* Adjust image color with lots of auto image processing algorithm, such as: Auto white balance, Auto color level, Auto Color Balance, Get Color From File, Adjusting color balance etc.
* Despeck image noise with several powerful despecking algorithm
* Decorate photos with adding image’s frame, adding text to the image, Blurring, Warping the image and doing lots of fantastic artist effect
* 20 Undo, Redo levels while image processing

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