Tabs Studio Personal

Tabs Studio Personal (includes 1 year of software updates and technical support)

With Tabs Studio the user is able to better manage all open documents in Visual Studio, grouped and organized in an efficient way. Mostly aiming for the professional Windows application developer, it supports the latest VS versions including 2005, 2008 and 2010. This Visual Studio add-in will especially come handy when you open a large number of tabs at once since it enhances the experience of the built-in functionality to better allow for such cases. Utilizing XAML and custom add-ins, it enables the presentation of open documents in subject-related groups, multiple rows and in customization-enabled approaches, making navigation quicker and promoting efficiency. All developers having worked with medium or large-scale Visual Studio projects in the past are expected to appreciate this tool, since the quest of locating an open document among 10 or more tabs, whilst retaining a train of thought, is more than common. This add-on aims in replacing such drudgeries, so instead, start using shorter, easier and more efficient steps by following the link to the tool’s website,

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