Shattered Origins Guardians Of Unity

Shattered Origins Guardians Of Unity Full Version

At the dawn of the space age, humankind was shattered into two factions: the Guardians, an oppressive company which imprisoned mankind into gigantic Star Cruisers, and the Pirates, who stole ships from the Guardians and are now searching for a new home.
In Shattered Origins: Guardians of Unity, you lead the Guardian fleet through a dangerous universe, hunting the Pirate horde. This chase will lead you to places no one has ever seen before, and before you realize, the fight becomes much more than that: a struggle for survival, and the uncovering of a terrible secret which soon turns our world into something else…

Key features of Shattered Origins: Guardians of Unity:

– Unique gameplay, which gives you control over research, production and the starmap, while also allows manual
control of each ship
– Three difficulty settings, which affect the entire game
– Follow the Guardian fleet throughout the universe in a campaign of more than 30 missions
– Customize your ships with many weapons, shields and special abilities
– Your ships will accompany you throughout the entire campaign, and as their pilots level up, you can decide how
you wish to train them
– Research new ships, weapons and economy upgrades
– 12 achievements to unlock, which are keys to extra content in the game
– Many secrets to find and numerous skirmish maps to master
– Countless hours of fun with the survival mode
– Enjoy the atmospheric soundtrack consisting of more than an hour of music

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