Shattered Horizon

Shattered Horizon Full Version

In Shattered Horizon – Premium Edition a catastrophic explosion on the Moon has filled near-Earth space with billions of tons of rocky debris. There’s little chance of rescue or return for the thousands of people stranded in space. Desperate battles are fought and control of strategic locations now means the difference between survival and death in the cold of space.

Shattered Horizon – Premium Edition is an innovative multiplayer first-person shooter that immerses you in the cold reality of zero gravity combat. Use your rocket pack to move freely through space and then land on any surface. Engage enemies in furious firefights, or ambush them from unexpected angles. Zero gravity offers you freedom of movement that cannot be found in any other game.

• Intense zero gravity multiplayer combat and complete freedom of movement
• Familiar and intuitive FPS controls for easy game access
• Join your friends in action-packed 32 player battles
• 6 different weapons, 6 unique tactical grenades and melee combat
• 8 awe-inspiring locations in near-Earth space
• 3 different game modes: Battle, Assault and Skirmish

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