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Shared Folder Protect is the most secure copy protetction available for PDF, images,PPT,WORD and other media, protecting them from all methods of copying including Printscreen and screen capture. Password protect your shared folders in seconds.

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Shared Folder Protctor extends file server access controls with strong end-to-end encryption, allowing administrator to specify access rights for specific groups or individuals. This approach ensures only authorized users can read or modify files, fulfilling requirements for separation of duties,information partitioning and security. With Shared Folder Protctor, organizations can defend their intellectual property, customer and partner data and corporate brand equity.

Shared Folder Protctor is a data copy protection software that uses advance level of steganographic technology to copy protect your media files like videos, audios, pictures and documents. It is a complete protection system that is strong, easy to use and very effective against tampering of any kind.

Shared Folder Protctor comes with an own Player/Viewer which requires no installation on the end user PC. All type of media like CD/DVD, Download or USB stick is supported.

Outstanding Features

Supported File Format
Allow you protect all media files including PDFs, Flash Files, MS Office Files, Videos and Images.

Password Protect

user will be able to view the encrypted folder, but not allow to copy or modify the files. Administrator has the highest authority to delete, copy and modify any file.

Multi-user Permission Settings
Settings custom permessions for different user group,such as read-only permission, write-only permission.

Rapid Deployment Process
After installing the software on your files server, all the users on the Lan can access your protected folder.

Removable Device Supported
You can also protect folders on flash disk and removeable hard disk. Users can browse the documents, but can able to modify, copy and delete them.

Data protection log
Tracks the protection applied by Shared Folder Protctor within the organization, to assist in satisfying management and auditor requirements.

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