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E.M. Free Game Capture, record games and desktop, show FPS and hot keys, support various video formats such as avi, flv, wmv, iPid, iPhone, etc.

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E.M. Game Capture is designed to record the 3D game or the variations of the desktop to various video files in different FPS (frames per second).

Main Features of E.M. Game Capture:

* Capture most of 3D games, and in the process of recording, you can see the 3D performance of your PC in the top-left corner of the game, so you can select the proper FPS in the UI to make your PC work perfect when playing 3D games;
! Note: You’d better run the E.M. Game Capture before you run your favorite 3D games;

* Capture the variations of your desktop, and in this mode, you can select the area you want to record in three ways( window, region, full screen); if “window” is selected, the inner window under the cursor will be highlighted; if “region” is selected, a cursor of pen shape and tips in the tray icon will lead you to draw a rectangle area in your desktop; and if “full screen” is select, you can record all of your desktop to video file.

* Tips can make your process more conveniently. When using the software, tips in UI and tray icon will direct you to complete your recording process more quickly;

* Record audio; In setting tab of the main UI, you can set whether record audio and cursor or not; if you would like recording audio, there are two available options : Stereo Mixer and Microphone;

* Video format; In main UI, you can select a video format you like most , and when the recording process is stopped, the software will convert the default video format to the format you select;

* FPS; In main UI, to make your PC work well, you’d better select a suitable FPS when playing 3D games;

* Video file path; In main UI, you can see a default path where the video files will be saved and you can change it to another one by click the button beside; you also can directly open the destination directory by click the “open” button to check the video files;

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