Dreamsdwell Stories Undiscovered Islands

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Dreamsdwell Stories Undiscovered Islands Full Version

Inhabitants of the Dreamsdwell Valley discover mysterious portal and are trying to explore it. At that time you appear from the Portal, magically teleported from our world. The most interesting thing is that you are not able to go back! The secret of the Portal awaits you, and it is the only way for you to find a way home.
Connect magic spheres into long chains to earn gems and gold in order to help your old friends from fantasy world to build different structures on three new islands. Complete dweller’s quests, find new bonuses and talismans and sail the seas with a brave captain!

– 3 Islands, 16 Structures to build, 13 unique animated dwellers
– 230+ unique levels (Game can be completed in ~150-300 levels)
– 13 bonuses
– 18 talismans
– 2 game modes: Adventure and Quick Play

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