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An ancient evil is returning to the vast universe of Distant Worlds! The Return of the Shakturi is the highly anticipated expansion to the critically acclaimed 4X space strategy game Distant Worlds. In addition to a long list of new features and improvements, Return of the Shakturi includes two new and unique alien races complete with riveting events that expand upon the original Distant Worlds and move the timeline of the universe forward into its next chapter with exciting new endgame options. A completely new and vastly expanded research system with comprehensive new tech trees awaits, with new tech and options for avid ship designers such as fighters, bombers, missiles, Ion weapons, planetary facilities, regional capitols, and much more!

Return of the Shakturi also comes packed with interface improvements like an Empire Navigation Tool to provide quick access to everything in your empire, Action Buttons for one-click access to common tasks, an Enemy Targets list showing all known enemy threats, Build Orders to mass-produce groups of new ships in one simple step, and much more! All this coupled with new Empire Policies to fine tune the auto-management of your empire, new galaxy shapes, and extended modding support make Return of the Shakturi an essential add-on to the vast, living galaxy of Distant Worlds!

Please note: Distant Worlds – Return of the Shakturi REQUIRES ownership of the original full Distant Worlds game.

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