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When Realism Counts…

Prepare yourself for a wargaming tour-de-force! Conquest of the Aegean is the next generation of the award-winning and revolutionary Airborne Assault series and it takes brigade to corps-level warfare to a whole new level. Realism and accuracy are the watchwords as this pausable continuous time design allows you to command at any echelon, with smart AI subordinates and an incredibly challenging AI.

Conquest of the Aegean takes you to the early years of World War II, to fight over the ancient battlefields of Greece, Crete and even Malta. In the shadows of Mount Olympus in Greece, Allied forces struggle to halt the blitzkrieg German advance. On Crete, beleaguered German paratroopers fight to hold Maleme airfield until reinforcements can arrive. Malta, long a thorn in the side of the Axis, is finally tested against invasion in two hypothetical scenarios.

In addition to a host of new scenarios, Conquest of the Aegean comes with several innovations to allow an even more detailed and realistic recreation of World War II combat. Resupply, while still automated, is now much more realistic as it monitors each unit’s supply line. Mixed-mode movement calculates the actual ground slope of the terrain and allows a realistic modeling of difficult terrain and the limitations on motorized and mechanized movement that it caused. In combination with dditional terrain and altitude types, Conquest of the Aegean can fully model the terrain of Greece, Crete and Malta with unparalleled realism. … and that’s not all!

The Airborne Assault series has revolutionized wargaming with a continuous-time-game-engine that brings military strategy to life in a deeply realistic yet supremely playable game environment.

Play as the Allies in a desperate fight to maintain a foothold on the southern flank of Europe using the mountainous Greek terrain to achieve concealment and surprise. Or fight as the Axis, driving hard achieve a quick victory with minimal losses.

Battles in the game cover the Greco-Italian War, the German Invasion of Greece, the German Invasion of Crete, a fictional scenario for the Invasion of Malta by Axis forces, and numerous other “what if” scenarios that will allow you to reshape history.

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