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Capture Express is a Windows screen capture utility. It brings unprecedented ease and functionality to the capturing of areas by allowing you to both stretch and move the area grabber. It also sports virtually unlimited shape captures (diamonds, stars, polygons, etc) with optional borders and shape masking. Save, Print and E-Mail captured images.

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Lets you to toggle between a stretch mode and a move mode by right clicking on the mouse. So if you didn’t quite get your alignment correct when you started your capture, simply click on the right mouse button and move the grabber to the correct alignment. Other programs will require you to abort the whole capture process and start again in the hope that you get the correct alignment.

Besides capturing basic Screens, Windows and rectangular areas, Capture Express allows you to capture items in a variety of shapes. Optionally place borders around the shapes and choose a masking color for the exterior of the shape. Some of the shapes available include rounded rectangles, circles, ellipses, diamonds, triangles, stars and other user defined shapes such as an octagon or house figure shape. Print, Save or E-Mail your captured images

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