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Free game download for Windows: ButterFlight – It’s never late to be the Lord of the Butterflies on the Magic Lawn.

ButterFlight – Full Version(Windows)

Are you ready to become the Lord of the Butterflies? An evil ToadWitch has imposed an ancient spell and you lost your wings. To weave the new wings you have to collect a great number of different butterflies. You should do all your best to get as many butterflies as you can. Your Magic Wand is with you. Swap butterflies so that you could collect 3 or more butterflies of the same color together. White Butterfly matches the butterfly of any color.To pass to the next level – collect definite butterflies that can not be removed from the Lawn (number and color are denoted in the bottom-right corner). You can flip and rotate the butterflies sitting on the Magic Lawn – try to bring those of the same color together. They will fly away, clearing the place that will be filled with the new butterflies. The move is only possible if as the result you will create a good combination and some butterflies will fly away from the Lawn.
You may use the Auto button to make the computer play the next good move – but you will get no points for it. There are four different game modes: Pairs, Twins, Quads and Trios. In Pairs and Twins, you can interchange 2 neighboring butterflies, you should collect a straight line of three or more similar butterflies, to make them fly. In Quads and Trios, you can rotate groups of four or three butterflies respectively. The direction of rotation is chosen automatically. If rotation may be performed in both directions (clockwise or counterclockwise),the arrows that allow to choose the direction, appear at the bottom of the playing field. If you manage to collect four or more butterflies of the same type together (not necessarily in one row), they will fly away.And remember: Don’t hurry! This challenge calls from you all attention and patience.
In registered version:
-New levels: Expert and Master
-Unlimited game levels
-Save top scores
-Players’ online contest
-Game Autosave option
-No reminder windows
-free email support by email.

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