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Birth of Rome covers the important and epic wars that led the Roman republic to unify Italy, then defeat Carthage in Sicily. Relive the first conquests of the Roman consuls as they face powerful and determined opponents such as Pyrrhus of Epirus or Hanibal Barca of Carthage. Don’t let history write your destiny, it is completely up to you on how to handle the situation, or try your hand at rewriting history as Rome’s enemies.

Birth of Rome features five scenarios from the 3rd Samnite War in 298 and 291 BC to the long and arduous First Punic War that raged from 264 to 241 BC. Birth of Rome features a particular emphasis on fleets and sea power, as they were vital to ensure control of the seas and maritime supply. As a full standalone release, Birth of Rome does not require Alea Jacta Est.

Birth of Rome offers a level of historical accuracy and detail never reached before in a video game. Birth of Rome is a true simulation where players are challenged to create armies and fleets, organize and maneuver them, sustain and reinforce them. All the time taking into account military, economic, political and diplomatic parameters.

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