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Becker radio’s are normally found in Porsche, Mercedes and ferrari. If you’ve lost your BECKER Radio Code, recovering it can be a hassle.
Trying to track down previous owners in the hope that they may have the code recorded tends to be a time consuming and often futile course of action.
Many GRUNDIG dealers take advantage of the situation by charging an unrealistically high fee to recover the code.

We propose you much cheaper and really fast solution!

Codes For Most BECKER Radios
We can recover radio codes for most BECKER radios with serial numbers consisting of 14 symbols.

BECKER Manufactur : BE3120 , BE2035, BE2130, BE1145, BE1146, BE0749, BE0778, BE0779, BE7802, BE7810, BE7813, BE7910, BE7912, BE7913, BE7915, BE7919, BE1135, BE1100, BE1100, BE1105, BE1107, BE1108, BE1109, BE1120, BE1240, BE1241, BE1200, BE0749, BE1339, BE1311, BE0775, BE0777, BE1302, BE1305, BE1310, BE1311, BE1315, BE1318, BE1319, BE1320, BE1325, BE1341, BE1402, BE2140, BE2230, BE2232, BE2235, BE2237, BE1300, BE0754, BE0780, BE0779, BE3133, BE3126, BE3136, BE5250, BE0831, BE2340, BE2330, BE2330, BE1330, BE1430, BE1431, BE1432, BE1460, BE1560, BE0753, BE0783, BE0794, BE1400, BE0836, BE0837, BE0830, BE1450, BE1470, BE4325, BE4327, BE4370, BE0865, BE0876, BE0879, BE0881, BE4337, BE7803, BE2430, BE4265, BE7936, BE7937,
BE7938, BE7939, BE4527, BE4625, BE4627, BE4937, BE0728, BE3130, BE1130, BE1139, BE0728, BE1010, BE2130, BE7882, BE7885, BE7886, BE7887, BE7889,
BE7100, BE7800, BE2039, BE2239, BE4720, BE4721, BE4723, BE4725, BE4730, BE4733, BE4751, BE7945, BE7820, BE7821, BE7823, BE7824, BE7825, BE2238.
BMW Manufactur : BE0774, BE0728, BE0726, BE0729, BE0776, BE1801, BE2450, BE2455, BE0725, BE6505, BE6507, BE6507, BE3350, BE3351, BE6510, BE6526, BE6500, BE6502, BE2451, BE3251, BE3250, BE3255, BE4769.
CHRYSLER Manufactur : BE6802, BE2274.
FERARRI Manufactur : BE4376, BE4377, BE6104.
FORD Manufactur : BE4730
JVC, LAND ROVER Manufactur : BE4710, BE4759, BE7997, BE4765.
MERCEDES Manufactur : BE1188, BE1480, BE1492, BE1691, BE1692, BE4400, BE4500, BE4501, BE4502, BE4503, BE6010, BE6015, BE6016, BE6017, BE6018, BE6086, BE3100, BE3101, BE3200, BE3210, BE4133, BE4301, BE4310, BE4311, BE4410, BE6011, BE6019, BE6020, BE6021, BE3300, BE3302, BE3310, BE3311, BE3307, BE3308, BE3317, BE3318, BE4700, BE4705, BE4710, BE4715, BE4716, BE4717, BE4718, BE6040, BE6003, BE1087, BE1088, BE1150, BE1151, BE1388, BE1688, BE2010, BE2011, BE1490, BE1491, BE1492, BE1690, BE1436, BE2035, BE7076, BE4103, BE4113, BE6044, BE6045, BE4513, BE4603, BE4613, BE4707, BE6041, BE6051, BE1350, BE1388, BE1650, BE1689, BE2210.
And more others Radio Car MITSUBISHI, PORSCHE, RENAULT.

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