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Battle of Britain II “Wings of Victory” re-creates the famous and desperate air battles over southern England in 1940 at both the strategic level of the Air Commander and that of the individual plane and pilot.

Both veteran and casual gamers alike will find something to enjoy in this combination of strategic planning and exciting dogfighting. Your battles take place over a vast and dynamic world below. Relive what Churchill called “their finest hour” and join the most decisive air campaign in history!

Battle of Britain II “Wings of Victory” allows you to either act as the supreme air commander or let your sub-commanders manage the air war themselves. As the air commander, you have the ability to view the campaign all the way from the strategic view down to a single aircraft or building in a dynamic war environment where thousands battle for victory.
Each plane, factory, airfield, and radar station has a specific purpose and effect on the progress of the war and when these are targeted by each side, the course of the war can change. As the campaign for air superiority plays out, you can watch flights from both sides carrying out their assigned daily missions.

If you prefer the tactical to the strategic, you can leave the map view of the air commander and jump into the cockpit of the British Hurricane, Spitfire, German Messerschmitt, Stuka dive bomber, or man the gun stations of the Dornier Do17, Heinkel He111, and Ju-88 level bombers. As a pilot, your focus is limited to your mission – destroy the enemy and get you and your mates home alive. Test your skills in this fierce battle – will you become an ace or just a statistic?
Whatever your choice, you will face missions against relentless waves of enemy aircraft and find yourself part of the most authentic historical re-creation of these amazing battles to date. Strap yourself in for the fight of your life!

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