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Welcome come to Amazing Photo Editor! Amazing Photo Editor is a powerful and easy-to-use photo editing software used for photo editing,viewing and converting. 33 amazing effect filters are included!

Firstly, Amazing Photo Editor is a cool photo editing software. You can edit several photos at the same time,for Amazing Photo Editor is designed in MDI (Multi-Documents Interface). You can open and edit photos in your hard disk,or acquire photos from the scanner. A screen capturer is included too. You can export the photo to file, printer, or send it to your friends by Email. Beside the basic edit function,Amazing Photo Editor has lots of ability to process photos,such as resize,rotate,adjust color,mirror,insert text,negative, gray scale,intensity and so on. Amazing Photo Editor has 33 effect filters(Bleed,Blur,Bump,Curl, Edge,Engrave,Enhance,Extrude,Fade,Wave… and so on),10 effects(Noise,Balance,Lighten and so on) and 4 photo optimization (Auto Smooth,Gussian Blur and so on) which will make photos more pretty and suitable for your need. They are so powerful that you will find how useful and helpful they are!

Secondly,Amazing Photo Editor is not only a photo editor but also a graphic converter. It can read 53 image formats and write to 27. It displays information of photos. Amazing Photo Editor has the function of batch conversion which converts lots of photos at a time. It will save you time and energy.

Thirdly, there is an Easy Gif Animation that helps you to create gif animation with photos contained in Amazing Photo Editor. You can use it not only to edit gif animation but alos every frame of it. Besides,it is an avi and gif animation converter which can convert avi animation to gif animation and convert gif animation back to avi animation. Especially it is so helpful when you build the website that pages will become lively and polychrome!

We use Skin Technology in the interface of Amazing Photo Editor. Please visit our website to get more free skins.

Furthermore, there are many other considerate functions contained in Amazing Photo Editor. Such as Chang wallpaper,and Chang folder icon, which will make your PC more personal.

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