Active MIDI DJ Console

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ActiveX control for MIDI protocol communication

Active MIDI DJ Console Commercial Version

Active MIDI DJ Console is an ActiveX which allows receiving MIDI data from the input channel connected to the external MIDI device and notifying MIDI data reception to the container application. Active MIDI DJ Console can easily manage input/output of MIDI data with commercial DJ Consoles available on the market. Each MIDI DJ Console comes with its own set of MIDI commands for notifying that a button control has been pushed or that a slider control has been moved or that a rotary knob control has been rotated on the physical console; at the same time, each MIDI DJ Console comes with its own set of MIDI commands for switching a led on or off or for displaying a string of characters on one or more display segments (VFD) available on the physical console: Active MIDI DJ Console comes with a set of methods allowing to create, edit and modify profiles (also known as maps) for each of the connected DJ consoles: in this way the container application could virtually connect to any model of DJ console supporting the MIDI protocol by allowing the final user to create his own profiles or by loading profiles created by other users.

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