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3D Button API is the ultimate 3D button Software Development Kit (SDK), developed by MultiMedia Soft:; derived from the experience with our ActiveX control 3D Active Button Magic, its purpose is to substitute the old fashioned Windows flat-square button in applications written with the most diffused development environments Visual Studio 6.0 and Visual Studio.NET. No matter if you are developing a simple Windows application, a kiosk application or a touch screen application for the POS market: 3D Button API will enhance your user interface with an outstanding look and will give you the possibility to shorten your applications time-to-market. Your application has already been developed? No problem: with a few easy steps you will be able to change the “look & feel” of your buttons without changing the existing “business logic” code: you will only need to add some call to the 3D Button API functions in order to change the buttons look. Stop wasting time designing your bitmapped buttons on your own and start using 3D Button API. Changing a user interface, designed with this fancy 3D button SDK, will be a matter of minutes instead of days or months. Give a new fresh look to your windows, dialog boxes and forms, using your preferred shapes, 3D effects, surfaces, textures, bitmaps, cursors, animations, sounds, colors and fonts. 3D Button API can also easily transform your buttons into the following controls: Picture control – Animation control – Hyperlink control – Frame control – Led control – your 3D fantasy control.

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